How to Spot Fake Air Lines’ Ads

Airline ads are everywhere – they even advertise on television channels. But how can you tell whether or not the airline is genuine? Is there really such thing as fake airline ads? Fake airline ads are common. In fact, some airlines even pay other companies to promote their flights. This practice is called paid advertising:

How to Become a Travel Blogger

Travel blogging has become extremely popular over the last few years. Whether its the desire to experience new cultures, escape from everyday life, or simply see the world, millions of people around the globe have turned to travel blogs to get inspiration and ideas on where they should go next. This trend is expected to

Choosing a Travel Insurance Policy

How much travel insurance should I get? What does it cover? These are some questions you might ask yourself when buying travel insurance. But before you spend even a dime, let’s examine why travel insurance is important at all. In addition to ensuring that you or your family members receive adequate medical treatment if something