Do you ever wonder where the world’s most beautiful beaches are? What does the average person see when they look at a beach?

A nice beach vacation offers much satisfaction, relaxation, and enjoyment. For many people, especially those who love water sports or nature, a trip to a stunning beach destination is a dream come true.

Travel Basics

The most important thing to keep in mind when considering a holiday is whether the location has a good climate and is accessible geographically and economically. This guide lists some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and provides information about their geography, history, culture, and climate.

If you want to go somewhere really special, consider going on a cruise that visits several of the places listed here. Or if you prefer, simply take the time off from your work routine by watching the sunset or waking up early in the morning.

Global Beach Guide

Gold Coast, Australia

This city on the south coast of Queensland is located near famous tourist attractions like Bondi Beach, Coogee Beach, Maroubra Beach and Surfers Paradise. The area boasts an extensive coastline of white sandy beaches which make for one of the best scuba diving spots in Australia.

Blackpool Bay, New Zealand 

The bay is surrounded by mountains and protected from the South Pacific current. Its beauty lies in its unspoilt nature, crystal clear waters and turquoise blue coral reefs. In addition, it features a natural sandbar ideal for swimming and boogie boarding.

Manta Point, Maldives

If you wish to experience what a paradise island looks like, this is the place to be. This spot is home to over 2,000 giant sea turtles and sunbathing manta rays. Local residents call this as “the underwater park of Maldives”. A huge variety of tropical fish can also be found.

Playa de Potamocorto, Canary Islands, Spain

Here we find the longest beach in Europe – stretching over 32 kilometers along the northern coast of Santa Cruz Island. It is not only called one of the top ten beaches in all of Spain but also in the whole of Europe.

St Peter’s Beach, Bermuda

The beach is quite possibly the most photographed beach in America and Old Towne is its adjacent resort town. Visitors say that these two places mix together so well that you get both solitude and fun when visiting either the beach or the resort.

Ushant Island, Brittany, France 

With a beach length of more than three kilometres long, this stunning white sand beach stretches across Brittany, western France. Every single year, thousands flock to swim in the pristine azure sea.


Travel destinations such as beaches offer a soothing break from everyday life, much better than hobbies like online Casino en ligne games. These places are excellent for physical and mental rest. However, before booking your holiday, make sure that the country you plan to visit is safe to travel to. This means making sure that there are no terrorist attacks during the summer season or rainy seasons. Take into account other considerations too, such as where to stay (hotels) and how to get around (transportation).